Due to the different characteristics of the boats,  A & J Co. Ltd. is capable of offering a vast range of offshore services. 

The small/fast boats namely Undaunted, Wilfred and Swift are ideal for fast and efficient personnel transfers and delivery of light stores and spares.

The larger boats Maria C, Joanna M and Miggi are used for carriage of large provision orders, bulky spares and full crew changes. The Maria C and Joanna M are also capable for the supply of potable water.

Types of Services

  • Provisions
  • Lube Oil Transport in Drums / Bulk
  • Water Supply
  • Ship Stores
  • Personnel Transfer
  • Ship Spare Parts
  • Tank Discharge
  • Medical Supplies and Medical Personnel
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Film/Movie Support Services
  • Ship to Ship Transfer Operations (STS operations)
  • Oil Rig / Platform Support Services
  • Underwater Inspection
  • Hull Cleaning
  • Cargo Sampling
  • Crew Changes
  • Transportation of Cargo Additives in IBCs
  • Surveyors and Technicians
  • Port Services
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