The Miggiani Offshore Services Fleet currently consists of 7 work boats. The largest three are Maria C, Joanna M and Miggi, where as the smaller three are Wilfred, Undaunted and Swift, there is also Sahara Z III which is a RIB used to assist the larger vessels.

M/V Joanna M

Joanna M, the most recent addition to the fleet. She is a 33m vessel built in 1971 and was rebuilt in 2015.

M/V Maria C

Maria C, a 32m vessel built in 1999 and has been constantly updated ever since.

M/V Miggi

Miggi, a 31m vessel built in 1982, which was rebuilt in 2007 and re-engined in 2016.

M/V Wilfred

Wilfred, an 11m Catamaran built in 2001 by South Boats in Cowes UK, she is customized to be used for high speed crew transfers or light stores or spares transport.

M/V Swift

Swift, a 14m high speed motor vessel built in 1984, rebuilt in 2015 and re-engined in 2017. Used for personnel transfer, light stores and spares.

M/V Undaunted

Undaunted, a 14m Halmatic work boat built in 1991, rebuilt in 2010 and re-engined in 2016. Used for personnel transfer, light stores and spares transport.

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